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Mass Effect In Retrospect

Before I begin I want to put this post in context. I finished Mass Effect 3 when it came out 3 weeks ago (at the start of writing, longer by the end!). I am part way through my second play through, beginning to explore the possibilities available in the narrative. I operate under the assumption that Mass Effect 3’s ending is a trilogy and series ending finale, that further games may be set in the universe but are not part of this particular narrative because this is what we have been told. April has not yet come, when BioWare have told us they will address the ending. That’s where I’m writing from, a position of necessarily incomplete knowledge. No doubt I’ll have more thoughts and perhaps more to say when we hear from BioWare.

Also, before I begin, I want to state my position up front and clearly. I do not like the ending of Mass Effect 3. I do not think it is suitable to, good enough for or in keeping with the Mass Effect franchise. I am not demanding a new ending, do not consider myself as part of any movement, I am merely a disappointed fan. The reason I care that I do not like the ending is that I consider Mass Effect to be one of the most important science fiction franchises in recent years whose importance and significance is squandered by this non-sensical ending.

Why? Read on, but expect spoilers. For the whole franchise.

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Most Obscure Film

This is an easy one. La Jet√©e is a french film from 1962 directed by Chris Marker (probably best known for writing 12 Monkeys) and narrated by Jean N√©groni. It’s a cyberpunk post-apocalyptic story about the survivors attempting to save themselves from their own past with time travel. Shades of The Matrix and shades of 12 Monkeys abound. The things that make this film stand out from others are its’ length (less than half an hour) and the fact that the entire film is comprised of still images shown in sequence. Well, so is any film if you think about it, but La Jet√©e is literally a sequence of still photographs, the camera lingering on each one for the length needed to tell its’ part of the narrative.

A Guilty Pleasure

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A Film By Your Favourite Director

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A Film With Your Favourite Actress

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A Film That Reminds You Of Somewhere

The Matrix
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Monthly Search String Update: May 2011

It’s another search string update. I know this is kind of self-indulgent but you’ll have to bare with me.That said, I think I actually have some good ones to share this month.

  • her-eyepatch
    Hmm. I don’t know what this person could be referring to. I wonder if my good friend Madam Kovarian might know whose eyepatch this might be about?

Her eyepatch, perhaps?

  • baby krogan
    Any excuse.

    Credit : Viktormon

  • nyan cat pronunciation
    This one scares me. You see, I don’t think I’ve ever discussed the pronunciation of Nyan Cat on this blog but I have had heated discussions with World 1 Stage 1’s Troy about it. We almost came to blows. Incidentally, contrary to common sense, the correct pronunciation is Nigh-Ahn. To rhyme with Ryan. Honest. 😉
  • new & noteworthy podcasts in the technology section of itunes today.
    You don’t suppose they could be talking about Tech It Or Leave It could they?
  • when enterprise t’pol had to go to quarantine
    Yes, yes. We know what you are after, Sir. Oh go on then.

    I swear only Enterprise fans could consider an alien so teeming with biological contagion that she has to be physically separated from the healthy crewmen ‘sexy’.
  • A Film That Makes You Feel Good

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    Favourite Film

    Blade Runner
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