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Digital Distribution Platforms

Let’s be clear; my past is not unblemished. That said I always maintained, even in my darkest days, if developers just got wise to the fact that we’d rather get our games instantly over broadband and give them to us in a convenient, fairly priced way I’d go legit in a heartbeat. Then Valve started putting games out on Steam and I bought them. Then everyone started putting games out on Steam and I bought them by the hundreds. I really, really like Steam. I think digital distribution platforms are the way forward.

I can, however, understand why some people worry that the technology might be unreliable. I can understand this because I have used EA’s Origin.

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Mass Effect In Retrospect

Before I begin I want to put this post in context. I finished Mass Effect 3 when it came out 3 weeks ago (at the start of writing, longer by the end!). I am part way through my second play through, beginning to explore the possibilities available in the narrative. I operate under the assumption that Mass Effect 3’s ending is a trilogy and series ending finale, that further games may be set in the universe but are not part of this particular narrative because this is what we have been told. April has not yet come, when BioWare have told us they will address the ending. That’s where I’m writing from, a position of necessarily incomplete knowledge. No doubt I’ll have more thoughts and perhaps more to say when we hear from BioWare.

Also, before I begin, I want to state my position up front and clearly. I do not like the ending of Mass Effect 3. I do not think it is suitable to, good enough for or in keeping with the Mass Effect franchise. I am not demanding a new ending, do not consider myself as part of any movement, I am merely a disappointed fan. The reason I care that I do not like the ending is that I consider Mass Effect to be one of the most important science fiction franchises in recent years whose importance and significance is squandered by this non-sensical ending.

Why? Read on, but expect spoilers. For the whole franchise.

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Bible Studies with Chris Priestly

I saw on Twitter today a little Easter humour from Chris Priestly.

What do you mean “at the end he died on a cross”? That makes no sense! And what of his companions? *newtestamentrage* #retakeeaster

Now, clearly Chris was venting a little spleen over the fact that no one likes the ending of Mass Effect 3. That their attempt to leave it ambiguous and open-ended has back fired, largely because they specifically promised the ending would be neither ambiguous nor open-ended. Chris’ clever tweet leads me to two conclusions:

1. The ending of Mass Effect 3 is a weak Christ-analogue after all

It’s been hurled as an accusation, what with the ascension in a beam of light and the sacrifice. Hell, Shepard even bleeds from her side.

Well now we know, thanks to Mr Priestly. It is just the Christ story. Nothing more.

2. The end of the bible story is Jesus dying on the cross

That’s right, folks. The ending of Mass Effect 3 is as good as the ending of Jesus’ story. Which is an apt post to make on Easter Sunday because Jesus’ story ended three days before Easter on Good Friday when he was crucified. In fact, there is no Easter, because there is no more to Jesus’ story than that he died on the cross.

There’s no story of Jesus rising again. Nothing in the Bible about how his followers’ responded to Jesus’ death. He certainly didn’t return, address his followers and ascend into heaven as a saviour.

Except, of course, that all of that is wrong. The Bible tells a clear, specific and non-ambiguous story of what happens to Jesus after the death on the cross. I doubt Christianity would have quite the same followers if the ending had literally been a death on the cross and not even a nod to what happened to the disciples. Would EA, perhaps have ended the Bible with a nearly blank page, in the center of which was printed:

Jesus Christ has become a legend by dying on the cross for your sins. Now you can build that legend by giving money to the church.

Monthly Search String Update: May 2011

It’s another search string update. I know this is kind of self-indulgent but you’ll have to bare with me.That said, I think I actually have some good ones to share this month.

  • her-eyepatch
    Hmm. I don’t know what this person could be referring to. I wonder if my good friend Madam Kovarian might know whose eyepatch this might be about?

Her eyepatch, perhaps?

  • baby krogan
    Any excuse.

    Credit : Viktormon

  • nyan cat pronunciation
    This one scares me. You see, I don’t think I’ve ever discussed the pronunciation of Nyan Cat on this blog but I have had heated discussions with World 1 Stage 1’s Troy about it. We almost came to blows. Incidentally, contrary to common sense, the correct pronunciation is Nigh-Ahn. To rhyme with Ryan. Honest. 😉
  • new & noteworthy podcasts in the technology section of itunes today.
    You don’t suppose they could be talking about Tech It Or Leave It could they?
  • when enterprise t’pol had to go to quarantine
    Yes, yes. We know what you are after, Sir. Oh go on then.

    I swear only Enterprise fans could consider an alien so teeming with biological contagion that she has to be physically separated from the healthy crewmen ‘sexy’.
  • Monthly Search String Update: April 2011

    This is something I used to do on a regular basis with my blog, way back when in the last millenium. Every month I take a look at some of the more amusing or interesting search terms used to visit my blog.¬†It’s a¬†humorous¬†insite into the nature of the internet.

    • w1s1 jack
      This one makes me sad, because it makes me sad that Jack doesn’t record W1S1 with us as often as he used to. Hopefully I can persuade him to join in from time to time. He was the original co-host and is still very much a part of W1S1 history.
    • krogan model
      I don’t think whoever typed this was thinking what I’m thinking. They were probably looking for some very useful information on 3d models of Krogan. Or perhaps some interesting facts about the biological models on which Krogan physiology is based. I, however, think of a fabulous dahlink Krogan strutting and I can’t stop.
    • star wry
      Awesome. But seriously, what?
    • i hate star trek voyager deus ex machina
      So say we all! But hey, Russel T Davis’ Dr Who deus ex machina endings were worse.

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