Monthly Search String Update: May 2011

It’s another search string update. I know this is kind of self-indulgent but you’ll have to bare with me.That said, I think I actually have some good ones to share this month.

  • her-eyepatch
    Hmm. I don’t know what this person could be referring to. I wonder if my good friend Madam Kovarian might know whose eyepatch this might be about?

Her eyepatch, perhaps?

  • baby krogan
    Any excuse.

    Credit : Viktormon

  • nyan cat pronunciation
    This one scares me. You see, I don’t think I’ve ever discussed the pronunciation of Nyan Cat on this blog but I have had heated discussions with World 1 Stage 1’s Troy about it. We almost came to blows. Incidentally, contrary to common sense, the correct pronunciation is Nigh-Ahn. To rhyme with Ryan. Honest. 😉
  • new & noteworthy podcasts in the technology section of itunes today.
    You don’t suppose they could be talking about Tech It Or Leave It could they?
  • when enterprise t’pol had to go to quarantine
    Yes, yes. We know what you are after, Sir. Oh go on then.

    I swear only Enterprise fans could consider an alien so teeming with biological contagion that she has to be physically separated from the healthy crewmen ‘sexy’.
  • A Bit Of Pride Showing Through

    Every now and then something comes along that is actually worth showing a bit of pride in. It’s just bragging, nothing but ego stroking, but I want this recorded for posterity. I want to share it. I’m, well, proud.

    Tech it or Leave It is New and Noteworthy

    If you look closely you might see a familiar podcast in the New & Noteworthy section right there on iTunes’ podcasting front page. That’s right, the tech show I do on a weekly basis with Richard, Andrew and guests made it to the front page. With some interesting results:

    Tech It Or Leave It Reaches Number 4

    Tech it or Leave It reached number 4 in the technology podcast charts!

    Actually if I’m honest this is a bit chicken and the egg. Did we hit number 4 because we were new and noteworthy? Or did we become noteworthy because we reached number 4?

    Wait a minute…

    Who cares? The fact is both accomplishments are incredible for a podcast which launched with almost no marketing, no pre-launch press and was advertised no more or less than any Simply Syndicated show. Quite how we hit the zeitgeist I don’t know. I do know subsequent episodes haven’t quite managed the same trick. I don’t let that diminish what we accomplished, though. As I said to Andrew and Rich before and or during the show last night… “this is just us talking”. When having a chat once a week with your friends leads to results like this, well, I’m not going to complain.

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