A Film That Reminds You Of Your Past

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A Film That Reminds You Of Somewhere

The Matrix
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A Film That Reminds You Of Someone

Chasing Amy
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A Film You Watch To Feel Down

The Wrestler
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Least Favourite Film

Tough one this. I often think about what my favourite things are. It’s a geek trait to try and rank things. The ‘top X’ list culture is so¬†prevalent¬†on the internet and in inter-geek discussion.

To go the other way though? It’s not something I do. Where’s the personal pleasure in expending effort and time thinking about what I don’t enjoy?

That said I’m going to cop out. I’ve no interest in the torture porn genre. More, I actively dislike it.¬†So, as its’ most successful proponent I have to rale against:


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