Most Obscure Film

This is an easy one. La Jet√©e is a french film from 1962 directed by Chris Marker (probably best known for writing 12 Monkeys) and narrated by Jean N√©groni. It’s a cyberpunk post-apocalyptic story about the survivors attempting to save themselves from their own past with time travel. Shades of The Matrix and shades of 12 Monkeys abound. The things that make this film stand out from others are its’ length (less than half an hour) and the fact that the entire film is comprised of still images shown in sequence. Well, so is any film if you think about it, but La Jet√©e is literally a sequence of still photographs, the camera lingering on each one for the length needed to tell its’ part of the narrative.

A Guilty Pleasure

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A Film That Reminds You Of Somewhere

The Matrix
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Favourite Film

Blade Runner
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On The Brink Of Something


Brink was a game that I had followed with some interest. Its’ setting and surrounding story could have been almost written with me in mind. Set in a dystopic future where a utopian floating city called The Arc has collapsed under the burden of the needy and desperate into out-and-out civil war. It’s reminiscent of the floating city state in Snow Crash.

Of course this is all set dressing. The grist of the game is the conflict between The Arc’s ‘Security’ and ‘Resistance’, the rag tag group who are forced to live in the shipping container and rusting-hull shanty towns that surround the city proper.

Then there’s the fact that what we’re looking at is an 8 vs 8, class-based conflict with staggered objectives through interesting and fascinating environments built with idTech. It’s not as special as the hype from Splash Damage and Bethesda may have had you believe, but it’s good solid gameplay of a kind I enjoy.

This all combined to make a game that seemed right up my alley. Then they revealed their parkour system. A button that when held down not only makes you character sprint but also enables them to freely traverse the environment, free-running style. I was a huge Mirror’s Edge booster and I’m a fan of the environment navigation in Assassin’s Creed. I was hooked.

Then I second guessed myself.

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