W1S1 72 – Catching Up

In which our heroes conduct a bit of a variety show, catching up on events after a brief hiatus. A little bit for everyone, with no one truly satisfied. Enjoy!

W1S1 71 – Dead Trees – Terry Pratchett

In which our heroes get maudlin but nostalgically happy talking about the amazing legacy of one of the finest authors’ who will live in our lifetimes.

W1S1 70 – British Anime Conventions

In the absence of Jack & Rob and with an anime convention rapidly approaching Simon sits down with Irish and Mrs Irish to discuss the expectations and etiquettes of the British anime convention scene.

Jack and I Play DoA:LR

Jack, my cohost over at World 1 Stage 1, and I square off with the latest offering in the Dead or Alive franchise. An hour of ridiculous brawling follows with apologies for Jack’s poor audio. The default earpiece mic that comes with the PS4 is pretty shoddy.

W1S1 68 – Adventures Of Alan Smithee – 2015 In Film

In which our heroes look ahead at the future of cinema!

(i.e. Look at the 2015 in Movies Wikipedia page)

W1S1 67 – Idiot Box – Doctor Who

In which our heroes embark on a truly epic voyage, into the heart of the TARDIS.

This is part one of our musings on a british classic.

W1S1 42 – Control

In which our heroes discus the ways and means for getting those computer people to do what you want them to.

Including, but not limited to, IGN’s Top 10 Worst Controllers. The legendary R-360 cabinet and Battletech VR pods, outside and in.

W1S1 41 – Turtle War

In which our heroes wage a turtle war by land and by sea across Rome, Japan, Europe and the Americas. Besieged castles and common sense fall.

W1S1 40 – The Do Ask Do Tell Crossover Spectacular

In which our heroes gather together in their entirety for the boldest, bravest, perhaps foolhardiest episode of World 1 Stage 1 in history. Spanning the atlantic and stretching the limits of technology a record-breakingly large cast gather to take on the dangerously broad and sensitive topic ‘gender and sexuality in gaming’.

This is World 1 Stage 1, of course, which means I am confident in saying the topic was handled with W1S1’s … usual aplomb (and sound quality issues).


W1S1 39 – The Orange Box

In which our heroes open a box to discover not one, not two, not four but three of the finest games ever made. I think this one’s going to make people happy. A lot of people. A lot of happy.

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