MonthApril 2017

10 – Eventually We Remember We Wanted To Talk Shit About Iron Fist

In which our heroes look at the wealth of movie trailers coming out before remembering there was something they wanted to talk about.

Iron Fist, and how it’s shit.

9 – An Arbitrarily Large Number of Squanches

In which our heroes look over the first two years of Rick and Morty. Re-experience all the laughs and trauma with us.

(If parts of the discussion, especially towards the end, give the impression that this episode is coming out really, really late? Blame Mass Effect Andromeda and Nier Automata)

8 – Does Gordon Brown Have a Metal Arm?

In which our heroes discuss the realm of fan created works, kind of forgetting that the podcast itself is one. Learn about the hosts’ shady fan-fiction writing pasts.

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