MonthFebruary 2017

4 – Awash in a Stream of Television

In which our heroes talk about streaming TV. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll, CBS, Hulu, et al.

And yes, Netflix originals include Marvel shows. And yes, those include Luke Cage. So yes, this episode includes the whitest people you can imagine discussing race issues in America so we apologise for that.

Luke Cage looking amazing:
Ralph McQuarrie’s Enterprise:
Star Trek Discovery’s Ship Design:

3 – Spods in a Tin Can Fired Into Hell

In which our heroes take a nostalgic look at RPG games they’ve run or played in. Featuring vampires, far-future nano-tech magic, heresy, intellectual property theft and, yes, spods in a tin can fired into hell.

2 – Games in 2017

In which our heroes take a look at the games coming up in 2017, with a brief detour into proper Mongolian pronunciation. Pretty standard Dangerously Unprepared stuff, really.

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