MonthJanuary 2015

W1S1 33 – Zedla, According to Jack’s Notes

Episode 33 in which our heroes cow tow to popular demand, quite willingly if we’re honest about it, and bring you Zedla!

Many of you asked for a Zelda episode, but this will have to do.

(Apologies for the occasionally poor sound quality. Apparently we have cabling issues.)

W1S1 29 – Dark Forces / Jedi Knight

You’d think, given the title, that this is the show in which our heroes delve into the topic that is Star Wars: Dark Forces and its’ Jedi Knight sequels.

You’d think that. Yes… that would be a reasonable assumption.

You’ll have to listen to find out if it’s true or not, though.

W1S1 28 – Outtakes

With W1S1 HQ moving the show has been thrown into disarray. These tidbits were dredged from the detritus, however and we hope they prove sufficient to scratch your itch.

W1S1 27 – Worms

Episode 27 in which our valiant heroes professionally and intelligently debate the merits of one of the greatest-

Actually I can’t do it. I can’t say it with a straight face.

We talk about Worms. For a bit. Then, well, all I can say is I’m sorry. Really, really sorry.

W1S1 26 – Civilization

In which our heroes, a week late, gather in reenforced numbers to discuss the Sid Meier’s world-conquering epic that is Civilization. Will more people mean more insightful commentary? Or more off-topic banter? There’s only one way to know for certain.

W1S1 25 – The Elder Scrolls

In which our heroes tirelessly, boldly and brilliantly overcome challenges temporal, physical and technological to finally bring you their thoughts on one of the greatest and most original RPG series of all time; The Elder Scrolls. Also touched on, fondest gaming memories and gaming nemesi.

W1S1 – Episode 24 – The Filler Show

You would not believe the difficulties the W1S1 crew have encountered in attempting to make a simple hour-long audio show in the last few weeks. I would explain them here but it would be futile. As I already pointed out, you would not believe me. Thus, in desperation, following yet another technical failure and given vicious time constraints before they are scattered to whole different countries for a week, Simon, Troy and Zoë sat down to put something, anything on record for you, our listeners.

And this is it. Half an hour or so of unedited madness from deep within the bowels of W1S1 HQ. In all its… glory?

You have been warned.

W1S1 23 – The Chaos Engine

In which our heroes talk, briefly, about a Bitmap Brothers classic; the top-down 8-way shooter, The Chaos Engine. They even manage to completely forget to mention the band ‘Chaos Engine’ and the fact that Jack and Troy now live in the same building as the frontman of said band. In their collective defence, it was an incredibly hot day. Better late than never!

W1S1 22 – Maxis SimHistory

In which our heroes… well, not quite, in which Simon ventures back in time to have a chat with his girlfriend about Maxis games because Troy and Jack were moving house and couldn’t record. Except then they did, the next day, talking about Command and Conquer, which you heard last week.

Now we present for you in all its glory the chronologically-problematic Maxis episode with guest host, Zoë!

W1S1 – Episode 21 – Command And Conquer

In which our heroes, despite a house move robbing Jack and Troy of internet, fire up the Chronosphere to head back 15 years, establish battlefield control and talk to you about Command & Conquer.

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