Alien: Isolation

So, I’ve started doing a thing. Because I love the Alien franchise, especially the first movie but because I hate scary video games I have decided to stream my playthrough of Alien: Isolation. Otherwise I’m just going to chicken out from playing it. Actually there’s a fair chance I’ll chicken out from playing it anyway but now when I finally fear-quit it’ll be on video.

To catch up, here’s the story so far.

Episode 1: I explore the safe part of the game without knowing it’s safe. Or believing it’s safe.

Episode 2: I fuck up badly trying to get past one of theĀ earliest stealth puzzle. This one is painful to watch if you want to see me make progress.

Episode 3: I sort out how I fucked up in the last episode and, well, meet the alien. It’s actually less terrifying than it could have been but from here on in? Death stalks me.


  1. Thanks for putting your play through on YouTube. I played Alien: Isolation for about four hours and found out I’m far too big of a coward to play it myself, but I’d love to know what happens later on.

  2. wryterra

    November 13, 2014 at 9:37 am

    Four hours’ worth means you’ve played more than me!

    After the first three videos the audience has really dropped off and no one said anything but in the last 24 hours a couple of people have commented now, so perhaps it’s time I played more Alien.

    Damnit. You guys are going to make me do this, aren’t you?

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