First, let’s get it out of the way. Yes. I bought one. Of course I did.

That said… Whilst I’m almost entirely happy with the new iPhone there is one small problem I have encountered.  As most of the world is already aware the iPhone 5’s screen is taller than the old iPhone. This means that until apps are updated to support the new screen ratio they’re going to have to be stretched or appear with a black bar border. It turns out Apple went the black bar way and center old apps. In general, a fine idea, but then comes the keyboard…

As you can see, the keyboard is shifted vertically depending on what type of app you’re using, new form or old form. In fact the shift is almost exactly a row on the keyboard. What this means, in effect, is that if you’ve just adjusted to using a modern app adjusted for the new screen ratio and change to an old style app you’ll miss the space bar every time unless you’re trying to type a letter from the bottom row of the keyboard. You’ll hit return if you’re trying to type m. That comes as a surprise more than once.

Yes, this problem will be solved quickly as apps are updated but was this really the most elegant solution you could think of, Apple? Really?