Mike Daisey has lied to the world, publicly and repeatedly about the conditions in Foxconn factories that manufacture Apple products. After he was caught out and made to answer for these lies by This American Life 1 he made a post on his blog defending himself against his accusers and critics.

I was going to write a whole piece about this because his reaction seems to me to be precisely wrong for someone who cares about the issues he claims are so important to him. When thinking about it, though, I discovered I could sum up my feelings in two tweets’ worth of text.

@mdaisey without equating you to anyone, you lied. You specifically falsified information and presented it as true, damaging your own cause.

@mdaisey given that you damaged your cause but raised your profile, one has to wonder what your true intent was and, going forward, is.

1 This American Life presented Daisey’s story as true without fact checking. They were lied to by Daisey when they tried to fact check the piece but are at least partially to blame for Daisey’s credibility. They admit this and I applaud them taking responsibility.