Meaningless, Stupid Things

So, when I’m writing about DC comics lately I’m trying to avoid spoilers. For the issue I’m talking about. Issues about previous weeks’ issues are pretty unavoidable, though. That said…

I was tempted to start with a complaint that the DC release schedule seems to be set up in such a way that week by week my favourite characters are forcing me to reassess which are my favourite books in the relaunch. Then, after a moment’s thought I realised… that’s not a bad thing, that’s a fantastic thing! I can’t remember, before the relaunch, the last time that my favourite books and favourite characters were jostling for position multiple times in a month. When I was this engaged with the stories and characters.

Clearly, this is another Catwoman post. Before I really go off on a Selinafest, though, let me touch on Birds of Prey. Also out this week were Batman, Wonder Woman & Nightwing all of which are books I could pretty much tell you I was going to enjoy site-unseen. Characters I’ve been reading for years and will continue to do so. Supergirl was also out and continued the pleasant surprise that is Kara’s relaunch. Birds of Prey, though, is good enough that it’s nipping at the heels of my favourite comic books list.

Ivy’s back and she’s changed. Thankfully this Gotham City Siren’s relaunch is more like Catwoman’s than Harley’s. In other words, it’s damn good. She’s still the aloof seductress but they seem to have clicked to what I’ve been thinking for years. Ivy’s got total control over plants, making them grow and manipulating them pre-hensiley at will. She’s also part plant.

Anyone else see the potential for power there?

Ivy In Bloom

Yup, Ivy doesn’t seem to need handy pot-plants around her any more.

And Ivy isn’t the only good thing about the new Birds of Prey either. The new character, Starling, is a continual jewel of the (admittedly few) original characters added to DC’s lineup in the relaunch.

Right, back to Catwoman. The image I started the post with, when placed in context, is part of a very interesting juxtaposition between Catwoman and a man who puts great stock in his possessions. It confirms that one of my favourite traits about Selina Kyle is still perfectly intact. She’s a thief, yes, but she is a thief because she likes to steal. Things are just a way to keep score. It’s about who you can take it from and how well guarded it used to be. It’s about living dangerously. Trouble is dangerous living has a consequence.

I Am So Sorry

So now we can add a significant burden of guilt to her Kleptomania, adrenaline addiction and hair-trigger temper. I do hope the people who wrote Selina off as a mere objectified sex symbol of the relaunch are still reading. She’s turning into one of the most interesting women of DC. Of course, the hyper-sensitive are going to complain that the flirting and sexual tension with Batman is still alive and well in issue 3 but to think that’s all there is to Catwoman would take a significant effort and powerful blinkers.

It’s not just the writing that’s keeping me hooked on Catwoman, either. This is a visual medium so I need to give very well deserved credit to the artist. The image above, with the blood splattering into the gutter around the baseball bat beatdown is such a clever visual trick that it caught my attention immediately. Another thing that caught me was, without giving too much away, the insertion of a photograph of a Selina Kyle from much happier days in a sequence that amply demonstrated these… are not happier days.