MonthJune 2011

A Film With Your Favourite Actor

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The Film You Can Quote Best

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A Film That Reminds You Of Your Past

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A Film That Reminds You Of Somewhere

The Matrix
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A Film That Reminds You Of Someone

Chasing Amy
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A Film You Watch To Feel Down

The Wrestler
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Monthly Search String Update: May 2011

It’s another search string update. I know this is kind of self-indulgent but you’ll have to bare with me.That said, I think I actually have some good ones to share this month.

  • her-eyepatch
    Hmm. I don’t know what this person could be referring to. I wonder if my good friend Madam Kovarian might know whose eyepatch this might be about?

Her eyepatch, perhaps?

  • baby krogan
    Any excuse.

    Credit : Viktormon

  • nyan cat pronunciation
    This one scares me. You see, I don’t think I’ve ever discussed the pronunciation of Nyan Cat on this blog but I have had heated discussions with World 1 Stage 1’s Troy about it. We almost came to blows. Incidentally, contrary to common sense, the correct pronunciation is Nigh-Ahn. To rhyme with Ryan. Honest. 😉
  • new & noteworthy podcasts in the technology section of itunes today.
    You don’t suppose they could be talking about Tech It Or Leave It could they?
  • when enterprise t’pol had to go to quarantine
    Yes, yes. We know what you are after, Sir. Oh go on then.

    I swear only Enterprise fans could consider an alien so teeming with biological contagion that she has to be physically separated from the healthy crewmen ‘sexy’.
  • A Film That Makes You Feel Good

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    Least Favourite Film

    Tough one this. I often think about what my favourite things are. It’s a geek trait to try and rank things. The ‘top X’ list culture is so¬†prevalent¬†on the internet and in inter-geek discussion.

    To go the other way though? It’s not something I do. Where’s the personal pleasure in expending effort and time thinking about what I don’t enjoy?

    That said I’m going to cop out. I’ve no interest in the torture porn genre. More, I actively dislike it.¬†So, as its’ most successful proponent I have to rale against:


    Favourite Film

    Blade Runner
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