I already mentioned The Wrestler and if I hadn’t chosen it already, it’d be here. I did choose it already, though, so I need to make a next-best selection. Reservoir Dogs would fit nicely in my favourite Indie film selection yet to come but it truly belongs here. I’ve sat and thought about these ‘favourite genre’ films pretty carefully and I can’t come up with a Drama I like more than Reservoir Dogs.

Its’ mystique is, perhaps, amplified for me because when I first encountered it it was as a grainy copy imported from europe. Yes, Reservoir Dogs was initially banned in the UK but I have a father and a grandfather who are both rather into cinema who passed their love down to me and I inherited the ability to find these things. The result was a strange, heady combination. Quentin Tarantino’s revival of the pulp cinema feel with added violence combined with his unique directorial eye, artfully degraded by piracy into an illicit and forbidden feeling experience made for something I had never seen the like of.

In the years that have passed, nearly 20 of them I realise as I’m writing this, standards have moved on and this ‘sickening example of ultra-violence’ is now merely an 18 rated drama and I have a DVD copy of it to enjoy in full, crisp quality. It’s nice to realise the film stands up on its’ own when the controversy and the naughtiness are no longer a part of the experience.