Actually all the ‘Lord of the Rings’ movies count here. ‘No One’ includes me too.

Almost everyone who knows me knows I don’t like sword & sorcery high fantasy. Which should count against LotR as a movie. Those who know me better know that I add ‘except LotR’ on the end of that. Which should count for LotR as a movie. Those who know me best will have heard ‘in fact I don’t like most high fantasy because I like LotR and it isn’t distinct enough from that to be interesting’.

So people either assumed I wouldn’t like the movie because I didn’t like high fantasy or because I liked Lord of the Rings so much that it couldn’t live up to my expectations. That’s certainly what I thought when I was working in Game and discussing it with my assistant manager. Fellowship and Two Towers were out on DVD and the hype machine was started for Return of the King. He was asking me if I was looking forward to it, I said no, because my mental picture of LotR ‘can’t be done’.

Asked to explain I talked at length about Pelennor Fields and how I couldn’t picture them portraying it, the thousands of troops, the acres of battlefield or simply the beauty of Minas Tirith itself. He countered ‘what about Helm’s Deep?’ Surely, he thought, the way they’d handled that gave me hope for Pelennor. I told him I’d never seen it.

As soon as I’d said it he snatched one of the copies of Two Towers Extended we had for sale and ripped it open. He got his keys out and unlocked the XBox demo pod. The dvd went in and we stood there, ignoring the three idly browsing customers in the store, as he queued up Helm’s Deep for me.

Turns out it could be done.