A Film With Your Favourite Actor

Steve Buscemi. This was a close run thing. It was between him and Patrick Stewart but Steve won so Miller’s Crossing wins the film of the day. I realised that I think Patrick Stewart is a better actor but the challenge was favourite actor, not best.

Both of them score high on being very talented. They’re also both notable for taking roles in a broad range of work whether it’s childrens’ films, sci-fi, animated, comic-book or serious-business drama. Neither of them can be accused of Jack Nicholson style ‘playing myself’ acting, they’re both definitely character actors. They’ve both plied their trade on the stage, in TV and as voice actors, even in video games. Basically a lot of what I like about each of them is true in both their cases. What sold it was the films.

Don’t get me wrong, Patrick Stewart is Picard and Xavier which means he’s done a lot of films I like. Not to mention being in TMNT and Dune. But Buscemi’s resume speaks to me…

Monsters, Inc, Air Heads, Resevoir Dogs, The Big Lebowski and of course Miller’s Crossing.

I’ve never seen a Buscemi character I didn’t enjoy. Even in films that aren’t great, he becomes the saving grace.

Give it up for Mr Pink.

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  1. Eddie Johnston

    June 9, 2011 at 1:12 pm

    I’ve always though Buscemi has a fantastic way of portraying characters that are so multi-layered. It’s a really amazing quality I don’t see in many other actors.

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