I was really tempted to do something stupid here. Pick a silent movie and claim to be able to quote 100% of the dialogue, for example. Or find a really short film and memorise it. Largely this was because I couldn’t pick a real answer. I’m one of those people who tends to osmose dialogue rapidly and I can quote vast swathes of a lot of films. I don’t know which one I could quote ‘best’, though. That said, it’s probably Clerks.

Clerks and I go back a ways. I didn’t encounter it in the cinema, I first found it in a video store. Frankly, that seemed correct some how. 🙂 It was an independently run small video store across from my house, not a Blockbuster, so it had that RST Video feel. I saw it and I asked the clerk what it was about and got what is a wonderful, although perhaps apocryphal story.

Apparently I wouldn’t see that movie on the shelves of Blockbuster, he told me, because they’d banned it incase staff watched it and ‘got ideas’. I was 15, maybe 16 at the time so this intrigued me. I immediately rented it. Whether there ever was a corporate policy regarding the film at Blockbuster or not I certainly understood what ideas the guy had been talking about.

The characters were a few years ahead of me but I foresaw a future in them, or at least a future philosophy. I was Dante and my best friend was Randall. This, by the way, holds broadly true to this day in terms of our personalities and outlooks on life. You know what? Everyone thinks Randall is cooler but Dante had the dilema of choosing between two gorgeous women and years down the line ended up with Rosario Dawson. I’m ok with being Dante. 😉