This is something I used to do on a regular basis with my blog, way back when in the last millenium. Every month I take a look at some of the more amusing or interesting search terms used to visit my blog.¬†It’s a¬†humorous¬†insite into the nature of the internet.

  • w1s1 jack
    This one makes me sad, because it makes me sad that Jack doesn’t record W1S1 with us as often as he used to. Hopefully I can persuade him to join in from time to time. He was the original co-host and is still very much a part of W1S1 history.
  • krogan model
    I don’t think whoever typed this was thinking what I’m thinking. They were probably looking for some very useful information on 3d models of Krogan. Or perhaps some interesting facts about the biological models on which Krogan physiology is based. I, however, think of a fabulous dahlink Krogan strutting and I can’t stop.
  • star wry
    Awesome. But seriously, what?
  • i hate star trek voyager deus ex machina
    So say we all! But hey, Russel T Davis’ Dr Who deus ex machina endings were worse.