Season 2, Episode 6


Watching this episode I had a thought that I had to share. It’s not a complicated or deep thought, just a quick one that I felt worth sharing. It has to do with the sloppy handling of continuity in Enterprise.

We all know that Klingons are a sticky point when it comes to continuity. Handled with great aplomb in ‘Trials and Tribble-ations’ it seems to have been mishandled in Enterprise, the season that sought to finally explain it. Of course this early in season 2 the explanation hasn’t begun but the Klingons are back.

Another of those realisations where something that’s bugged me since I first saw Enterprise finally resolves itself on a second-viewing occurred.

I could pretty much accept the Klingons in Enterprise if they wore something even vaguely resembling the uniforms we saw them in in TOS. The uniform was so very distinctive and it’s not just the sudden presence of forehead ridges that’s disconcerting but the lack of the very recognisable Klingon garb.

The Marauders In Their Barbarian Furs

A Picture Of Uniformed Elegance

Uniformed Klingons with head ridges would have given us something that, in terms of continuity, was intriguing rather than insulting.