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Digital Spring Cleaning

So, you’ve probably noticed the world has shut down because of Christmas, right? So have I. The corporate entity that is me has declared that we are shuttering until New Year. We will not be sitting idle, though. Oh no. It’s time to go through every machine in this building like a storm. I am currently backing up my primary machine (24″ desktop iMac, my work and day-to-day life machine) onto an external drive so I can nuke it, reinstall Snow Leopard then piece by piece things back onto it from the backup. Then I shall rinse and repeat the effort for each machine.

It takes time, but it’s worth doing on a regular basis. Even better than a de-frag.

Edinburgh Snow Ball 2010

What a weekend.

Actually, let me step a little further back in time to really set the scene. Last week I sent an application in for a job. It was a programming job in The City and was highly speculative. Or to put it another way, I applied because they were taking applications, not with any real expectations. The day after I heard back that they wanted me in for an interview before the end of the week. This set everything in motion.

So, Thursday I am in the car and charge down to London with almost no notice. This is a two and a half hour drive. Then I have my first high profile job interview for a very long time. This interview includes a technical section which is surprisingly taxing. I’m glad of the experience but I was definitely out of practice and it showed. Let’s say I’m not holding onto much hope that I’ll hear back. At least, not with a positive outcome.

Interview outcome aside, I’m back in the car. I’m not down. Like I said, I applied largely because I saw an ad, not with any real expectation. I look at the experience as a practice interview. The technical questions that threw me are now in my head for next time. It’s been good. Sadly, a three hour drive home awaits. There was some traffic.

When I get home I’ve been on the go for about 7 hours, all told. I walk into the living room, I tell Zoe that I’m no good to man nor beast and I pass out in bed.

This is not, in itself, a problem.
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