MonthSeptember 2010

I’m Getting There, I’m Actually Getting There

So, as you can see, World 1 Stage 1 episodes are now being threaded¬†seamlessly¬†into this blog. That’s because this blog is going to become something of a life-stream of my daily activities. You see, I don’t write that much on my blog but I do get up to a lot. I tweet, I do podcasts, sometimes I take photos and it’ll all go here. This might seem like rampant¬†narcissism¬†but…

Nah, fuck it. No¬†defence¬†there. This blog is for me to keep a record of what I do and to look over and go ‘oh yeah’. If you want to read it too, there’s no one stopping you and if you don’t like it there’s no one keeping you here.

Now if you’ll excuse me, manual labour is calling. Much as I’d like to screen the call it’s kind of important.

A Somewhat Unintentional Fresh Start

So, here I am, blank blog infront of me again. I mean blank, too. No posts, no comments, no history of any sort. Why is that?

Well the Media Temple grid service was shown to be somewhat insecure recently when someone was able to gain access to many of the sites hosted there and inject malicious code into the websites hosted therein. Luckily, it wasn’t very malicious. Some ads for various potency enhancing pharmaceuticals and the like snuck in under the radar. You didn’t even see the ads, I suspect it was just a CPM scam.

However, with my business developing in leaps and bounds (although admittedly it’s more of a brain-infant than a brain-child for the moment) I thought it was time to get some serious hosting sorted out. Oh and World 1 Stage 1 needs a reliable home too. Media Temple were very understanding and after a chat with their sales people they offered me a good deal on a server, so here I am.

I used to run a dedicated server way back when and it’s all coming back to me. The increased responsibility is noticeable but very liberating in its’ way. No support tickets to open, I am my own administrator. Which whilst it puts the onus on me does mean there’s no one telling me ‘that’s against policy’ when I try and configure things just how I want them.

Hopefully that means no more interruptions to service and once everything is back up and running it’ll stay up and running this time.

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